This is a clearinghouse for links that allow you to take action against SOPA and PROTECT IP, the current most recent attempts to destroy the internet as we know it in order to try to prop up the outdated business models of a few industries that spend most of their customers’ money on lobbying and other legalized bribery.

In addition to emailing / calling / etc. your Representative and Senators, if you also follow through with the “Share this on Facebook” and “Share this on Twitter” links that will appear after, you can spread the word to a lot more people.

These actions are not redundant so for maximum awesomeness click ’em all.

Electronic Frontier Foundation – Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

Electronic Frontier Foundation – Oppose Congress’ Criminal Streaming Bill

Demand Progress – Stop Internet Blacklist Bill

stopcensorship.org  some people have reported this site blocked by workplace censorware.  If so you might try this.

americancensorship.org  some people have reported this site blocked by workplace censorware.  If so you might try this.

change.org petition

whitehouse.gov petition

Europeans: take action against ACTA, a treaty that slips this censorship in through the back door.

Additionally, you can get out ahead of attempts to censor the web with this firefox add-on which routes around DNS censorship.  (RFP: a list that supersedes MAFIAA takedows only and includes e.g. wikileaks- get at me if you can write this).

Finally, EFF and Demand Progress (above) are fighting this fight every day, not just when the latest idiotic bribery-induced insanity comes up for a vote.  If you value the free internet for the long haul, set up monthly donations to the EFF and get your company’s matching gifts program in on it if you have one, and make a donation to Demand Progress.  Before you blow it off think of what you will lose if these bills pass and what you would have to oay to have it back once it’s too late.  Skip going to an MPAA movie and send the ticket price to these guys fighting for us, and watch a nice legal, copyleft torrented movie instead.


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